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Okay, so you’ve read a bit, hopefully you’ve laughed and if all goes according to plan you’re dying to get your grubby little mits on some of these fuckers. Heh, I thought so.

Unfortunately you can only get the little buggers in Australia, so if you live in some other far flung land hassle Doug Bayne, not me OK? You can still write to Platinum Grit c/o;

You can also get back issues or subscriptions from that same address, the cost for four issues (supposedly a year’s worth) is $12 and back issues are sold for the cover price, but if you want them you’d best fill in this order form and send it in.

Once upon a time you could also get T-shirts and a mug but the mug is now out of season, sadly.

If you want to E-Mail Platinum Grit you can reach Doug Bayne at or if it’s about the site my address is

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