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Jeremy MacConnor. Jer. Jeremy. Master MacConnor. The Weedy Bloke.

Ahh, Jeremy (or shall we say ĎOur Jerí, if thatís not too East Ender-like?) naivetť embodied in a skinny frame with a stupid hat.

Jeremy is a physicist with a very impressive bus used for interdimensional travel when itís convenient for the plot, raised by Uncle Angus and Aunt Lottie, tortured by his crazed cousin, the immortalDougal MacWikkening. Nils is the secret love of his life and he has to pretty much do as she says or pay for it with physical anguish.

Jeremy also has real friends (well.... sort of:) his jamaican cupboard, a very nice succubus and, of course Kate.

A Quote by Jeremy (well, bits of Jeremy);

Jer1: The thing about your WOMAN, is they donít like sex. Not the way we do.

Jer 2: Of COURSE they do!!!

Jer1: No....No they donít.

Jer2: HAH!

Jer1: At least- not with us.

Jer2: Why not?

Jer1: Well.... would you?



Jer1: .....I hope that doesnít mean what I think it means.

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