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Nils. Nilson Kerr. Nilssy Babe. The Fit Girlie.

Nils is a character unlike most, cunning, abusive, domaneering.... all your fantasies come true basicly.

Nils has a few more dimensions than most comic characters, to the pervies her appeal is best summed up by Jer’s Aunt Lottie: “Ye’ve gort brraissts!” But on the other hand she leads Jer around like a puppy, and he keeps coming back no matter how hard she pulls his tail. (A beautiful little analogy there eh? Clever eh?). I could probably crap on for a while with more of this shit but I think the point I’m trying to make is she’s a devious bitch with nice boozies.

A bit of a quote from Nils: “There is no me. There is only the body.”

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