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The First Story.

”Friendly Rivalry”

Amusing Picture

In Issue One number 7 the first ever Platinum Grit story was published. It was titled friendly rivalry and featured Nils and Jeremy attacking the competition (The Dunsinane Day Trippers) head on when their interdimensional tours (D-Tours) were bagged by the critics. Their technique is espionage. First they attempt to destroy all the sites before the opposition gets there but it does nay work cause their tour guide (Marvy) is so damn..... nice. So naturally they turn to Beelzebub and demonic possesion but the pentigram rule kicks in and they have to resort to: THE G.T.R.U.!!! (Green-peace Tactical Response Unit) and the opposition is done in by a T.C.F.B. (Transient Caledonian Forest Blip). Hardly supprising, eh?

Quote of the issue: [enter Beelzebub]

Bub: Souls! SOULS!!

Nils: Got any James Brown, Jer?

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