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Issue One.

“Chapter Headings For Old Novels”- part one.

Ish 1 cover

The first issue. Brilliant! On a dare Aquarius fates all born under his sign to die, rather sadly for Jer and his Aunt Lotte. So Lotte invites Jer down to see her before she dies and has a will reading where it is discovered that castle MacConnor goes to Jer when she carks it, and should he come to a sudden and violent demise, to dear Crazed Cousin Dougal.

In a lucky (?) break for Jer Lotte decides that he should at least have the chance to take Dougal with him to the grave, and so a duel to the death for the castle is arranged. So it is now up to Nils to turn Jeremy into a killing machine before sunrise.

Quote of the issue;

Jer: HAH! You.... you FOUL DESPIOLER you! You’ve beat me up for the last time!

Dougal: Yay lovvut, ye beg gairrul!

First printing February, 1994.

Additional artwork by Dominique O’Leary

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