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Issue Three.

“A Week In No Particular Order”

Ish 3 cover

Enter Richard “Jack” Leaderboard, a private dick with a nose for trouble. Nils and Jer don’t really do to much by way of plot, but at the same time manage to be in the funniest shit you are ever likely to see.

Jack begins investigating Nils and Jer after discovering Dougal’s headless corpse at a bus stop (with a pumpkin gaffed to his neck in place of a cranium). Fucking hilarious voice over stuff. Jer is kind of out of action as he is still recovering from a nasty big sword being stuck through his gut. Nils takes on the role of nurse. Fucking Hilarious.

Quote of the issue;

Jack Leaderboard: “There are no atheists on moving day”

First printing December, 1994.

Backup art by Helen Maier

Additional material by Gerard Ashworth

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