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Issue Four.

“The Howling Void Sings Val Doonigan” -Part One.

Ish 4 cover

Nils and Jer are kidnapped by aliens, bent on getting them together. It doesn’t quite go to plan so they resort to mind control first on Jer (“You look ravishing tonight my dear”) and when that fails on Nils (“HUUHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Einsteiiiiiiiiiiiin....”). There is also a flashback of Jer and Uncle Angus chatting as they send signals into space...

Quote of the issue;

Uncle Angus: “ a faithful mistress, Jeremy. But not a particularly warm one. I know. Sometimes even the unified field theory doesn’t look as good as a hot-blooded lassie in a tight bodice.”

First printing February, 1995.

Backup art by Fil Barlow

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