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Issue Six.

“Throw That Old Thing Away Grandma”

Ish 6 cover

After Nils takes all Jer’s clothes and leaves him on the roadside in Greenland he is picked up by a strange lass named Kate. She takes him with her on her pilgramage around the world, trying to get enough dirt on him to write an article on his ‘innocence’ act.

On the way they pick up a cute little pig named Arthur, who doesn’t say much except ‘Borrk’. Funny shit.

Quote of the issue;

Kate: “Nilson. Nilson, Nilson, Nilson. Not a name you hear very often. Is she german?”

Jer: “.....I don’t think so”

Kate: “You never asked her?”

Jer: “Well with Zigfried around it would have been kind of embarrasing. He’s sort of so much more german than anyone has a right to be......”

First printing July, 1996

Backup art by Fil Barlow, Tonia Walden and Tim Danko.

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