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Issue Seven.

“Drowning With Conviction”

Ish 7 cover

Kate and Nils spend some time together (it turns out they were flatmates) while Jeremy attempts to rebuild the castle (which Zigfried is mailing back from greenland bit by bit). Someone is terrorising Jer, he thinks it’s Dougal but you never know....

Kate is not too impressed by Nils being such an industrial strength bitch, and she wants Jer. Won’t hear that too often.

Quote of the issue;

Kate: “You just want him for yourself.” [re: Jer]

Nils: “Yeah, but as a bendy toy. Not for SEX!!”

First printing November, 1996

Backup art by Fil Barlow, Q-Ray, Neale Blandon and Gareth Pannan & Tracy Small.

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