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Changing Channels

I remember when I was young.
I was always going to be the one who was going to do something really good.
I remember on careers day I'd sit inside and laugh at everyone who had to try.

Now careers days have all passed, and I'm still hanging on.
Because I'll be moving.
I'll be moving on.

I've always had the belief that everything would turn out right.
Maybe I didn't look hard enough at the road that I was on.

Maybe if I had my time again, I'd do everything different to the way that I have done.
I'd have a full time job and cash by now, but then again I could be wrong.
I know from deep inside myself that I'd do the same thing again and again and again.
Because I know what's right for me, if I want your advice I'll tell you when.

Now I'm doing everything that I ever wanted to - but it doesn't seem to work, because all I want to do is sit at home and change the channels on TV.